Stories are containers of meaning. They’re how we hold and communicate everything that’s important to us. When we open them up and look inside, what we see is for our eyes only. We seek out stories that can hold the truth of ourselves; we fill them up and make them our own. When we share a story, we share the shape of our reality. Except it is suddenly, (frighteningly!) empty inside. For a moment at least, our story is an empty, inanimate vessel—until someone opens it and looks inside, fills it with the light of their eyes, and makes it their own.

My discipline is the study of stories. I'm a programmer, writer, artist, founder, naturalist, stonemason, beekeeper, and so on. I work on a lot of different projects, some finished, many unfinished. I'm also the CTO of Fire Tower.

There are stories in everything we do. Finding those stories—and helping others find them, no matter the medium—is what I do. While I enjoy the theory (my degree is in Narrative Studies), mostly, I immerse myself and observe.

Currently I'm interested in:

  • >>Making animated shorts (& painting with math).
  • > >The plight* of knowledge workers.
  • >>Entrepreneurship as a vehicle for growth.

I use this site as a small, but growing collection of stories I find along the way.

> If you'd like to get in touch, you can email me directly at . Or there's twitter:

I write little essays about my experiments learning to see.